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IBCLC owned and operated Lactation Consultant breastfeeding services provided in your home, at your convenience.

Offering prenatal and

post-partum consults, classes and care in Southeast Wisconsin

We can help with: 

  • Breastfeeding support from pregnancy and birth through weaning, in your home

  • Prenatal education, including group in-person classes and self-guided web courses for purchase

  • Care for plugged ducts, engorgement, soreness and/or nipple pain and damage

  • Tongue tie evaluation and aftercare

  • Weighted feedings or weight gain concerns

  • Increasing low milk supply

  • Breast Refusal

  • Guidance and support for breastfeeding if you or your baby has a medical challenge

  • Managing oversupply and overactive letdown

  • Preparing to return to work

  • Flange fitting and pump education

  • Education on nutrition, medications and safety

  • Induced lactation and re-lactation

  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery or cancer
  • Bottle feeding for the breastfed baby
  • And more!


Please note all communication is considered a billable service.

Thanks for considering us!

Happy Baby
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